painting is the process of layering and organically growing the surface into something that represents movement and shape through time.  I attempt that process through the use of color as the canvas speaks to me.  the ideas come out of the canvas and grow until I feel the work is finished.  The abstracts take quite a long time to work and finalize.  I am never sure they are done until a year or so has cycled. 
 the process of making a work is  the important bit, working through abstract ideas and working with musical concepts and definitely with musical accompaniment   To add brilliant colours to the mix for me enhances the process, makes it more complicated and therefore more fertile ground to work.
I feel I have covered many good pieces with more ideas, so they get layered quite substantially. And thought I miss the paintings underneath, I accept their death as part of the growth of the work. 

as an organic gardener who lays down layers of compost and straw and leaves and then stands back and watches what the seeds do, this kind of chaotic creativity appeals to me greatly, especially when balanced with the more organized beauty of a string quartet or any complex piece of music.  The abstraction of music is the same for me as the abstraction of color and motion.  Paintings must have motion,  at least I hope mine do. but in the end, they are really about paint.  Paint walked  through time and layered, the process is everything and responding to the process is the work that intrigues me.