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Imagining Amanda's Elephant

| 06 May, 2014 13:00

 there is a lot to be said for abstraction.  I find it frees the mind of constricting paths, allowing for motion to contradict expectations and come up with something familiar and effortless in appearance. and yet I love the form of realism, the richness of ideas that take common color and form and texture on a canvas. 

A teacher I respect a great deal once told me I would not make a living as an artist.  He was referring to my tendency to be easily influenced by external forces and therefore my goals in each work are very changeable. 

but what is the purpose of making a painting or a drawing? I am approaching the age where I no longer care if my work hangs in a gallery or is seen as relevant to someones ideas of art.  One thing is certain. I am running out of space to store large works, so small is getting better.

though I find the making of large abstractions satisfying, I am looking for that satisfaction in a smaller way. A 10 year old violin student of mine gave me the name of the above painting, my last large work for a while. 

She asked my why abstraction.  What is it and how is it done?  Great questions.